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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
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Part number:
HD1430III HD-1430III
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1)Original packing
2)Neutral package & wooden package
3)Carton package+pallet
4)Wooden package+pallet
5)As customer request
Lead Time :
4-10 days

1. We have more than 10 years sales experience in sealing system, seal kit, hydraulic pump parts and engine parts of excavator in international and domestic markets.

2. We are the district dealer of Japan meiwa, Korea Wongyoung.

3. We have full list seal and seal kit for Kobelco, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai, Daewoo and Doosan in boom, arm, bucket, swing motor, travelling motor, main pump, center joint, track adjusting cylinder and gear pump.

4. We have more than 13 kinds of software to check the part no. such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Kobelco, Hyundai, Doosan, Sumitomo, Volvo, liebheer.

5. We have full list pump parts with good quality for Cat, Vickers, Eaton, liebheer, Kawasaki, Hitachi, Komatsu, Nichi.     


HD820Ⅲ 707-57013000HD1023Ⅲ 737-88605000
HD820Ⅲ 707-70102000HD1023Ⅲ 737-88603000
HD820Ⅲ 707-70103000HD1023Ⅲ 847-85001000
HD820Ⅲ 707-70104000HD1023Ⅲ 737-42302000
HD820Ⅲ 707-70105000HD1023Ⅲ 224-41618010
HD820Ⅲ 707-70106000HD1023Ⅲ 847-42005000
HD820Ⅲ 707-70107000HD1023Ⅲ 619-93214001
HD820Ⅲ 707-70108000HD1023Ⅲ 009-37023024
HD820Ⅲ 707-70116310HD1023Ⅲ 619-86819003
HD820Ⅲ 707-70421000HD1023Ⅲ 237-20204010
HD820Ⅲ 707-76116000HD1023Ⅲ 267-20202000
HD820Ⅲ 709-47101001HD1023Ⅲ 619-98100023
HD820Ⅲ 709-47103001HD1023Ⅲ 707-57001000
HD820Ⅲ 709-48302001HD1023Ⅲ 619-77715001
HD820Ⅲ 709-61300004HD1023Ⅲ 699-26800001
HD820Ⅲ 719-10306001HD1023Ⅲ ME442589
HD820Ⅲ 817-52005000HD1023Ⅲ ME017240
HD820Ⅲ 01E-70107300HD1023Ⅲ HD1023ⅢY
HD820Ⅲ 707-70185000HD1023Ⅲ 001-99104147
HD820Ⅲ 707-70107400HD820R 619-78500300
HD820Ⅲ 837-70100500HD1023Ⅲ 609-82003001
HD820Ⅲ 629-93010001HD1023Ⅲ 009-46002095
HD820Ⅲ HD820ⅢYHD1430Ⅲ ME130968
HD820Ⅲ HD820ⅢYHD1430Ⅲ 119-51200101N
HD820Ⅲ 837-70100110 
HD820Ⅲ 707-70111110HD1430Ⅲ ME131989
HD820Ⅲ 837-70110100HD1430Ⅲ P181070
HD820Ⅲ 837-70183000HD1430Ⅲ P124046
HD820Ⅲ 105017-3120HD1430Ⅲ 689-12700003
HD820Ⅲ 119-50500001HD1430Ⅲ 747-85001000
HD820Ⅲ 119-50513001HD1430Ⅲ 857-42001000
HD820Ⅲ 127-43006000HD1430Ⅲ 857-41601000
HD820Ⅲ 131154-1120HD1430Ⅲ 527-42020000
HD820Ⅲ 131160-0420HD1430Ⅲ 857-42002000F
HD820Ⅲ 647-43006000HD1430Ⅲ HD1430ⅢY
HD820Ⅲ 707-72503000HD1430Ⅲ HD1430ⅢY
HD820Ⅲ 709-45000005HD1430Ⅲ HD1430ⅢY
HD820Ⅲ 709-45002002HD1430Ⅲ 337-41608000
HD820Ⅲ 709-45003002HD1430Ⅲ 404-41625000
HD820Ⅲ 827-72503000HD1430Ⅲ HD1430ⅢY
HD820Ⅲ 847-10406000HD1430Ⅲ 857-42001000F
HD820Ⅲ MC840219HD1430Ⅲ 857-42007000
HD820Ⅲ MD363392HD1430Ⅲ 057-88640000
HD820Ⅲ ME011282HD1430Ⅲ 107-50600120
HD820Ⅲ ME017208HD1430Ⅲ 587-50800100
HD820Ⅲ ME049265HD1430Ⅲ 587-50301000
HD820Ⅲ ME049303HD1430Ⅲ 587-50400100
HD820Ⅲ ME078378HD1430Ⅲ 619-01325010
HD820Ⅲ ME081734HD1430Ⅲ 689-79790001
HD820Ⅲ ME088884HD1430Ⅲ 337-32690000
HD820Ⅲ ME219024HD1430Ⅲ 107-51001000
HD820Ⅲ ME302735HD1430Ⅲ 587-20203010
HD820Ⅲ ME440731HD1430Ⅲ 619-00351002
HD820Ⅲ ME902747HD1430Ⅲ 619-62800002
HD820Ⅲ ME995106HD1430Ⅲ 619-87300013
HD820Ⅲ MH035548HD1430Ⅲ 337-20201010
HD820Ⅲ 937-10416000HD1430Ⅲ 619-99030012
HD820Ⅲ ME072903HD1430Ⅲ 619-99025001
HD820Ⅲ ME084614HD1430Ⅲ 619-99028012
HD820Ⅲ ME701597HD1430Ⅲ HD1430ⅢY
HD820Ⅲ 105210-1800HD1430Ⅲ 747-71701000
HD820Ⅲ ME077148HD1430Ⅲ 747-71702000
HD820Ⅲ ME088570HD1430Ⅲ 747-71703000
HD820Ⅲ MH037126HD1430Ⅲ 619-98003001
HD820Ⅲ 709-82613001HD1430Ⅲ ME963902
HD820Ⅲ 709-82759001HD1430Ⅲ 857-72501000
HD820Ⅲ 817-76211000HD1430Ⅲ ME030857
HD820Ⅲ 847-76205000HD1430Ⅲ ME031886
HD820ⅢHD1430Ⅲ ME034976
HD820Ⅲ 709-80406001HD1430Ⅲ ME038730
HD820Ⅲ 709-84400001HD1430Ⅲ ME041106
HD820Ⅲ 709-22000003HD1430Ⅲ ME050984
HD820Ⅲ 707-77505000HD1430Ⅲ ME051712
HD820Ⅲ 709-61500102HD1430Ⅲ ME071301
HD820Ⅲ 709-62000011HD1430Ⅲ ME071303
HD820Ⅲ 709-63200101HD1430Ⅲ ME071653
HD820Ⅲ ROM-820HD1430Ⅲ ME071930
HD820Ⅲ 709-61611001HD1430Ⅲ ME072571
HD1430R PC360HD1430Ⅲ ME074696
HD1430R 747-42008000HD1430Ⅲ ME074755
HD1430R 857-42003000KHD1430Ⅲ ME077476
HD1430R PC360HD1430Ⅲ ME078549
HD1430R 857-50800100HD1430Ⅲ ME130226
HD1430R 619-87300014HD1430Ⅲ ME130957
HD1430R 689-17405101HD1430Ⅲ ME131949
HD1430R 12E-76201000HD1430Ⅲ ME170314
HD1430R 001-40103075HD1430Ⅲ ME170337
HD1430R 857-89501M05KHD1430Ⅲ ME300201
HD1430R 337-889A1001KHD1430Ⅲ ME993110
HD2045Ⅲ ME121789HD1430Ⅲ ME995307
HD2045Ⅲ ME150631HD1430Ⅲ ME995344
HD2045Ⅲ P812363HD1430Ⅲ ME995529
HD2045Ⅲ P838813HD1430Ⅲ ME995535
HD2045Ⅲ HD2045ⅢYHD1430Ⅲ ME995564
HD2045Ⅲ HD2045ⅢYHD1430Ⅲ MH014493
HD2045Ⅲ HD2045ⅢYHD1430Ⅲ ME077796
HD2045Ⅲ 777-42001000HD1430Ⅲ ME078707
HD2045Ⅲ 037-41627000HD1430Ⅲ MH002174
HD2045Ⅲ 777-42012000HD1430Ⅲ ME011281
HD2045Ⅲ 527-41606000HD1430Ⅲ ME011282
HD2045Ⅲ 777-71301000HD1430Ⅲ ME704306
HD2045Ⅲ 204-15111011HD1430Ⅲ ME078746
HD2045Ⅲ ME152584HD1430Ⅲ ME031888
HD2045Ⅲ ME900719HD1430Ⅲ ME078871
HD2045Ⅲ MH014532HD1430Ⅲ ME078462
HD2045Ⅲ ME441987HD1430Ⅲ ME717630
HD2045Ⅲ ME152487HD1430Ⅲ 857-76205000
HD2045Ⅲ 119-50300000HD1430Ⅲ 119-68606001
HD2045Ⅲ 777-76204010HD1430Ⅲ 609-74190007
HD2045Ⅲ 204-77604000HD1430Ⅲ 609-78602012
HD2045Ⅲ 877-75003000HD1430Ⅲ 669-43000101
HD2045Ⅲ 777-60809000HD1430Ⅲ 009-46002095
HD2045Ⅲ 001-95101063HD1430Ⅲ HD1430Ⅲ
HD820Ⅱ MH014385HD1430Ⅲ 001-36120290
HD820Ⅱ 119-50100000HD1430Ⅲ
HD1023Ⅰ ME077790HD1430R 12E-88001000
609-77843302HD1430R HD1430RY
HD1430R 04E-41612000HD1430R HD1430RY
HD1430R PC360HD1430R 747-42008000F
HD1430R 12E-41601000KHD1430R 04E-41602000K
HD1430R 04E-41607000KHD1430R 04E-41603000K
HD1430R 04E-41611000HD1430R 04E-41604000K